Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Capsular Con-what???

Unfortunately I had to go to the dentist today to get a cavity filled. I had gone last week for my yearly appointment and they found the cavity. So after I dropped of the twins at preschool off I went to spend "my" morning by myself at the stupid dentist. Not that every getting a cavity filled is a pleasant experience but this one especially sucked because it was between 2 of my back teeth and they had to shove all this extra "stuff" up there to space the teeth apart to actually fill the cavity. So about 1/2 way through this procedure as they are literally jamming things into my mouth the words CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE pop into my head. I had to sign this big form after my reconstruction about the risk of this condition and promise to take antibiotics before ever seeing the dentist even for a routine exam. Apparently even the best brushers have very dirty and germy mouths. In hopes of not developing an infection from dental cleaning the antibiotics are taken. If you develop an infection of any sort you are at high risk for getting this capsular contracture. (which by the way if you google this be ready to see pictures of breasts) I tried to put a link up with no photos but just so you are forewarned. Any-who of course I had forgotten all about this stupid thing and started to panic with my mouth opened as wide as it could go and no hopes of being able to do anything to communicate this with my dentist at the moment of realization that I am an idiot. Of course the last 1/2 of my appointment I spent thinking about all the surgeries I have had to endure to be at this stage of my reconstruction and of course getting this capsular contracture out of my own stupidity and having to start the process all over again......You know the typical panicked thinking the worst and getting worse as the thinking progresses? Yeah I am one of those. Of course I had gone over my medical history with the dentist who never mentioned anything about it so was oblivious to this being an issue.
After the damage had been done, the cavity filled, my neck broken from all the straining, my jaw aching, my tongue, mouth and half my face numb and feeling like the elephant women I had to try and explain the situation to the dentist. Trying to be discrete about the problem and the breast implants at the front check out counter was the pleasant experience with 2 young girls looking at me wondering why I didn't look like Pam Anderson if I had chosen to get implants (of course knowing nothing of my medical history). I suppose I could be hypersensitive to it but seriously quit looking at my chest already! Yes there are silicone implants in my chest and I am only a B cup. Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to stare :-) Back to the dentist who was clueless looking at me in almost the same way while I was saying my surgeon told me I had to have antibiotics before dental work. He had never heard of this before. So I had to call up Dr. Brewster's office and get the gal at the office to explain what I needed to do. "Go pick them up and take them NOW." So I finally go the script from my dentist and ran over the pharmacy to the the meds, which of course are terrible on your tummy.
As soon as I walked in the door I had to take an Aleve because my jaw and mouth hurt so bad already, even though I was numb. The dentist said he had to move things around in there a lot to get to the cavity and I could be uncomfortable for a few days. Terrific. Uncomfortable is putting it mildly this evening as it hurts to even open my mouth.
I find myself wondering if I will ever escape this cancer crap...I am thinking no. I can't believe I forgot about this antibiotic thing with the dentist.

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