Monday, September 22, 2008

Friends and new Fake boobs?

Last week one of my friends from high school was in town with her kids so a group of us got together at the park to play. Jerilyn, Brittany, and Susie it was great to get together and I had lots of fun catching up! You're guys' kiddos are beautiful!

I also had a girls night for the gals I went through treatment with and the people involved in the new online support group through yahoo groups I started. It was so much fun. We just got together to eat at the Olive Garden and visited. Lanie and Karen were both there so of course we had to get a group shot of us now that we all have longer hair. (This looks much better than the bald one of us in the chemo treatment room with IVs sticking out of all 3 of us!! We have come a long way ladies!)

Here is Heather and I. I met Heather a few months ago through a friend and have had so much fun getting to know her. She is a hoot and is the publisher of a mother's magazine that is awesome. She is an amazing writer and will be in next month's STYLE magazine as a model and also contributed an article that is of course amazing. Check it out if you see the issue in the community. If you want to look at her magazine it is called get born and you can view it at

This is Judy and her daughter Traci that I met through the Yahoo message board. She is also a riot.

I am really excited about the message board as a bunch of new women have joined this last week and I am hopeful that we will have more traffic on it and be able to provide an excellent support network. I wish I would have thought of this while I was in treatment. Hopefully it is a valuable resource for everyone. If you or someone you know would benefit from it please send them my way. There is a link in the upper right corner of the side bar on my blog page.

I also had an appointment with the wonderful Dr. Brewster last week. She told me that she did think that we could improve the look of the radiation damaged side. The scar tissue has really tightened around the implant and it hasn't "settled" like the other side has so it sits about an inch higher than the left side. All of these things are not very noticeable when wearing a bra or outside my clothes so I am not super worried about it but might as well fix it if it is bothering me before I have to pay my deductible again. She will try to loosen up the scar tissue and the tight tendons around my chest muscle and then put in a little bigger implant to try and match the other side better. It will just be 50 or so cc's larger and will hopefully take care of the uneven look I now have. So I have set the surgery date of Nov 12th which will give me a few weeks after we get home from Disneyland but be before Thanksgiving and the holidays and most importantly before I have to start over with paying my deductible at the first of the year. I will have it at the Harmony surgery center again when I have received awesome care in the past so am looking forward to returning there.

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Robyn said...

You ladies are beautiful!!! With and without hair!!!

Love you!