Friday, January 02, 2009

Kids Christmas Programs

So much for updating while recovering from surgery. I have been going 100 miles an hour over the holidays, like everyone else I am sure!
Olivia had her Christmas program the first part of December. The kids were so cute! I didn't really manage to get very many good pictures of Olivia but here she is trying to find us in the crowd and decide what the heck those bright lights are.
The first night that the kids slept in their new rooms we came down in the morning to find Olivia and Cody sleeping together. I had to snap a picture.
Cody and Alex also had a Christmas program with preschool. They did a nativity play at the beginning. Cody was the king and Alex was an angel. They all look like aliens because my red eye didn't work too well in the program.

Here they are during the singing portion of the program.And the group picture at the end.

They all did a great job and Jon and I loved watching them perform.

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Toni said...

Olivia looks so cute in her dress! And Alex looks like six inches taller than Cody. Is that right?!