Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I am settling down from the manic of the holiday season. I have been doing regular physical therapy visits about twice a week trying to keep the scar tissue from causing problems with the implant again and also keeping my arm and shoulder range of motion in good shape. I am sore pretty much all the time still which isn't horrible but a bit on the annoying side at this point. I am still having this issue with my ribs that has been persistent since before surgery. My physical therapist and surgeon are both now thinking the issue is radiation damage to the muscles or cartilage between my ribs on the right side. Basically my ribs are much closer together on that side so when I breathe deeply, sneeze or cough it is painful. I have been doing these deep breathing exercises from my physical therapist for the past week and although it doesn't seem a ton better it hasn't gotten any worse. I suppose it is just going to be stretching and exercising those muscles from here on out to keep them loose and that stupid, dumb radiation from damaging further that whole part of my body. sheesh already!
The other big news around here is that I was laid off today. That sucks, big time. I am not too sure yet what I am going to do about work. I am still wishing that I could get my school stuff going and am going to see what I might be able to work out with starting school and working somewhere else. I am still pretty much in shock since it just happened this morning. They are just not busy enough to keep everyone busy during the work day. My manager said that they will probably pick back up in a month or so, but until then I should just wait to hear from them that I can start working part time from home again. Hopefully something will work out. I am going to go sit on the couch and be depressed.


Sarah M said...

dang, sorry about your job and the pain! anything WE can do?! you are so nice to offer for nick's surgery but it really not too big of a deal... i have had your book on my kitchen counter to remind me to give it back to you. hopefully i do before 2010. i'm so lame.

Denver Sims said...

Eliza! I don't blame you for sitting down and being depressed...you are dealing with a lot. It's not fair! I'm with Sarah...what can we do? Can I come watch your kids so you can job hunt? I can tell you this...I'm looking into schools right now, and if I find anything out, I'll let you know for sure.

I'm so sorry you are suffering right now. =[