Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas with Uncle John and Aunt Clara

Jon's Aunt and Uncle came down the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with us since they were going out of town for the holidays. They came up from Denver for the evening to visit, open presents and take us out for dinner. John's parents were also able to meet up with us and hang out. The kids were all excited about the goodies they brought.

We went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and the kids all sat on the saddle. Giddy Up!

Alex was either sick or super tired because she ended up laying down on my lap and sleeping the whole way through dinner. Miss O sat by her aunt and had a ball. They have always had a special connection and she loves spending time with Aunt Clara.

We had a great time and wish that we were able to see them more often.

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Toni said...

Fun! Cody looks a little freaked on that saddle.