Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vacation Day 5,6 & 7.....Disneyland

We spent the last part of our vacation at Disneyland. We had great hotel recommendations from a friend who frequents Disneyland to stay at a Marriot basically across the street. It was great. We walked to the park and they even had a pizza hut inside the hotel and a McDonalds in the parking lot. We will definitely stay there if we go again!
My sister had read a book about how to navigate the park so she was our tour guide. Cody and Marnie were too small to ride most of the bigger rides so we did have to split up quite a bit. I was surprised at how well Olivia and Alex ended up liking the big roller coasters. The only one the would never do again was the tower of terror at CA adventure. There was a heat wave while we were there and was around 95 each day. It was nice we didn't have to wait in long lines most of the time. The characters weren't really out and about around the park so when we did see them it was pretty neat. Here is the girls with Alice in Wonderland.
Here is some pictures of my sister and I with the younger crowd when the big kids went to do space mountain.

The first night we were there we met up with my Uncle Dan and his family to eat at the Rain forest Cafe. The kids thought it was pretty neat. Here they are at dinner. Doesn't he look a lot like my dad?

Here is all of us outside the restaurant.

After we ate the guys took the big kids back to the park to play until they closed at 8. The next day we did most of the rides in Fantasyland that were geared toward the younger kids and ate at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside pirates of the Caribbean. Here we are waiting for our table.

The kids were all excited to ride the carousel. Look at these cousins with their hip crops, funny girls. Here is Alex on the carousel. Cutie.The highlight of our day and probably our entire trip for the girls was meeting the princesses. You had to stand in line to meet them but after seeing the way the masses attacked the characters that we did see about the park it made sense. So here are the girls meeting a few of the princesses.

We also stayed late at the park that night. I think the longest line we waited in was for Dumbo, totally lame. Here are the kids at night in the dumbo ride.

After we got back to the hotel that night the kids were exhausted. Here are the girls all passed out.Friday we did CA adventure. They had everything decorated for Halloween and the letters outside looked like candy corns. Here we are outside. My aunt Nancy came up and spent the day with us. We were all exhausted by noon so we went back to the hotel and the little ones took a nap while Olivia, Nancy, Trevor, and I went for a swim. The pool was pretty nice and Olivia had been asking to swim all week so it was nice they had the opportunity for a bit. After our rest we went back to Disneyland and had to get our tourist snapshot in front of the Mickey flowers.

Here is Jon and Olivia in front of the big pumpkin set up.What?!? We are going to see the princesses again in the parade?Of course we had to watch the big parade one night. Here is all of us watching. That concludes our Disney trip. It was a blast and I think the kids had a great time. Thanks for doing that with us Lucas family, we love you!


Toni said...

How fun!!! Looks like you guys all had a blast. That Ally is so funny! I want to come next time. I can't believe it was 95 degrees, you were probably dying! I hope you were all able to do Splash Mountain to cool off.

Robyn said...

It looked like you guys had so much fun! It was nice to catch up on your blog. Where have I been lately???