Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Coughing

I guess today I starting to feel better but still pretty congested and can't stop coughing. This cold is putting up a good fight.
This weekend we took the kids to see High School Musical 3. I could have done without the oohhs and ahhs from the pre teen crowd that was there but the kids did seem to like it. I suppose we have to at least pretend to be interested in what they are interested in. Saturday Jon was able to go play with his buddy Seth on the four wheelers for the day. Saturday night Jon's mom made dinner and we had his parents, his brother, and his aunt and uncle over for dinner. It was nice to catch up with everyone. We took them over to this house that we have been keeping our eye on that is now bank owned and foreclosed. We are hoping to be able to score it for a great price but are still in the process of talking to the bank to see what they will take it for. It is always great to dream, right?
Yesterday Jon spoke in church and has been reminding me all week that he will never do it again. He thinks he is a horrible speaker, but he is actually pretty good. Everyone said he did awesome, he just gets super nervous. I don't think he slept for more than an hour on Saturday night because he was so nervous.
I talked to my sister that lives in the Sacaremento area yesterday and she was telling me that they had policemen outside her church building for the 2nd week in a row trying to protect people going to church from the rioters. Apparently the protesters and rioters in CA are taking action against the LDS church for their support of proposition 8. For those that haven't heard of this it is big news in CA that was on the ballot this last election to add to the CA constitution a ban against same sex marriage. Because the LDS church was one of the MANY groups that spoke out against protecting the marriage they are being targeted by those that opposed this ammendment. I can't believe the hate and that this has caused. It is very interesting the way this has played out. I know this is a heated issue, so that is all I am going to say about that :-)
Jon put the kids in a bubble bath last night and here are some funny pictures from that...
Also my girls were at my parents last weekend and came home knowing the Macarena. My sister had gone on spring break to Mazatlan when she was a senior and brought the CD back. My mom still has it. I had to catch this on video the last time we were over. It was hysterical. Watch the way Olivia shakes her hips. Funny.

The highlight of my week is going to be Friday. We are having a girls night out to see the movie Twilight. It comes out on Friday and we bough advanced movie tickets online last week. We are going to make T shirts and everything.....oh yeah, we are that Jr. High! I am so excited!!!


.sarah morgan. said...

you're coughing, too? oh no. i just started. i hope it doesn't linger for weeks...
i love the bubble beards on your kids. i remember those good old days.
I've got a lot of reading to do in a couple of days. :)

Todd and Wendy said...

OMG I am laughing my butt off!!! Olivia is adorable!!! Sorry you're still sick, I had that a couple of weeks ago and though I'm feeling much better I'm still coughing on and off... Sooo stinky. Hope you kick it soon! Have a blast on Friday!!! Yeah, I'm going to be half way through New Mexico so have a little extra fun for me K?

Stacie said...

Go Olivia! That made me laugh! I'm sick too. I hope we're all better by Friday! We'll see you then!

Eliza Brock said...

I know, I guess if nothing eles we can all be coughing in the theatre together....there's no way I am missing it!! See you ladies then. Sarah, I hope your done reading missie!