Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vacation Day 3....

No sleeping in for this crew. My kids were up bright and early at 6:40 this morning. It was either they aren’t adapted to the time change or having all 3 of them in one bed was a little too close of quarters. Tonight we will try one of them on the floor and 2 in the bed and see if that helps.We headed out to Sea World as soon as it opened at 10am. We got to see the big Clydesdale horses that they have there since Budweiser or I guess Anheuser Busch owns Sea World.Code-man was seriously in a horrible mood for the majority of the day…pill. But we saw a dolphin show, sea lion show, and the killer whale show. I have to say this was pretty cool. The dolphins can jump so high it was amazing.

We saw sharks in this glass tunnel that went under the shark exhibit…. and also a fossil of Megalodon shark which is an extinct shark. I had to take a picture of this because this cute little boy in my primary class is always talking to me about megalodon shark and how cool he is. Marnie had enough by lunch time and was passed out cold in her stroller so we hooked it to this netting by our lunch table so she was leaned back. I couldn't pass up this funny glam shot of Olivia....strike a pose!Here is my hot husband and the kids at the sea lion show.. Cody is still mad....That seemed to be a theme for the trip, unfortunately. Cole and Olivia were the only ones tall enough to ride on the roller coaster and river ride so they were the only ones that had the pleasure of being soaked.

I felt so bad for Alex because she has been seeing those commercials for Sea World and the big coaster and asking when she gets to ride it. She was just a hair too short. Poor girl!

The killer whale show (the Shamu Show) was phenomenal as well. It is so neat we are able to see these animals as close as we do.

The kids also played on this air bounce thing that was pretty funny. They kept tripping each other and falling over one another. Silly kids.

Here is our fam right inside the entrance to the park. Can’t pass up those fun family photo ops, right?
We also wanted the kids to see the ocean while were were here so took them to Mission Beach right before the sun went down. It was cool we got the picture right before the sun set. What a fun day.

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Clymer Fam said...

That looks so fun!!! I can't wait to go now!