Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vacation Day 4....San Diego Zoo

Today we actually got the kids to sleep in until 7:30, can you believe? Ha! We woke up to a very foggy morning. I think I would hate to live on the coast for that reason. They call it the marine layer (or so my sister says) where it is pretty much cloudy/foggy in the morning and late afternoon when the sun isn’t hot enough to burn it off. I was really surprised how breezy and cool the weather was here next to the coast.With the CA City Passes we purchased for the trip we got a ticket to Sea World, one to San Diego Zoo or Wild animal park, one for Universal Studios and a 3 day hopper pass at Disneyland and CA adventure. It was such a great deal. When we got to the zoo they told us that we also got a free bus tour trip and a skyride with those tickets which was I think about a $30 value. I love good deals! So we started the day on a bus trip around the zoo. When we walked through the kids zoo they had this fun cut out that the kids posed in front of it.
My aunt Kathy met up with us at the zoo this day and we were able to visit and walk around together. They went through the petting zoo next where Alex the animal love was in heaven.
On the opposite end of the spectrum my nephew Cole is terrified of animals. I caught him in action on film.

Here is Kathy with some of the kids at the petting zoo.
The monkey house was a big hit with our monkeys. We probably hung out here for at least 30 min watching the orangutans and monkeys. Here is my niece Marnie giving him a kiss through the glass, so cute!
Don't hang out there too long or you might come home with a story like this one....

Here is the picture to prove it.....uh, gross!
Here is all the kiddos by the monkey habitat. Cody says, take a picture of me! Here is our family by the elephant tree outside the zoo.And the zoo sign.
Here is a picture of the cousins by the zoo sign.
And my sister's family by the sign.
After the zoo that afternoon we drove up to Anaheim and checked into our hotel for the evening. We passed a cheesecake factory getting off the interstate and went right back there for dinner that evening. It was probably the best meal of the trip. The kids actually ate baked chicken and mashed potatoes. My sister and I looked over the menu before the kids even sat down and didn't even give anyone a choice, it was pretty funny. Just said all the kids will be splitting 3 of of these. There were still left overs so the portions were huge, but it was yummy!

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