Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday....

We have had lots going on since my last post. On Thursday I got together with 4 other ladies and did freezer meals. With TONS of pre-preparation (mostly by Michelle--you're awesome) we spent Thursday morning putting together 20 meals that will go in the freezer and then are ready to pop in the oven after thawing. I hope that it is a huge time saver and the family will like them.

Thursday night my mom invited us over for scones because she made home-made bread on Thursday. Scones are a favorite of mine so we all headed over there for dinner. Oh my, yummy. After some convincing and lots of sugar the kids ate them and actually liked them too. Good thing, because those might be making an appearance in my house before too long! Before dinner the kids had a great time playing with grandpa in the backyard. They found a different way to swing, it was pretty funny. My dad looked like he had an extra appendage, or two. (Aren't the trees pretty when they are changing colors?)

Jon hurt his neck last week at work and it just seemed to get worse and worse and so he went to the chiropractor and little by little it has improved. Here is the happy camper icing down his injury.Poor guy! Luckily he is feeling better this week. I received a call last week from my local support group Hope Lives! asking me if I would be willing to go and hang out with a dorm over at CSU (Colorado State University) while they made shirts for breast cancer awareness month. I asked my friend Heather if she wanted to go along with me. The 2 of us headed out there on Thursday evening and joined in making shirts and then told our stories and answered questions. I was surprised at the turn out, there was probably 30 kids there making shirts. I had a great experience just sharing my story, answering questions, and also hearing more of Heather's story. I had such a great time that I came home and researched volunteer opportunities for Komen. Apparently they have a young women's program that promotes education on high school and college campuses. I sent in a volunteer application and hoping to be able to be more involved with the education side of this disease. So we will see what happens with that.

Friday Jon and I went out to dinner and bowling with Courtnee and Seth to celebrate her birthday. We of course had a great time and were home by 10:30. Wow, sad, but alas we are now responsible (most of the time) parents and those kids still are awake early no matter how late we stay out. Bringing me to a new late night past time.....Jon and I now like to play Lego Star Wars on Xbox 360. Jon isn't home very much at night since he works nights and always has a hard time switching back and forth on the weekends so we ended up staying up late playing the xbox and have had fun just playing and hanging out.

Saturday and Sunday Jon was on call so gone for most of those days. He has been working a ton and we are both really excited to be leaving for our big vacation on Saturday....yeah! Saturday night we went over to my friend Abbey's house to hang out with friends. So all in all a pretty jam packed weekend.

Today the twins started back to preschool after having a week off and I started back to work. Since my hours with work have been getting cut back from work slowing down I am going to be going into the office to work part time and then picking up what I can at home still. Hopefully this will work out well with the kids school schedule and not be too hectic. Well off to bed to get my beauty sleep and be ready for another day back at work tomorrow!


Tagan said...

Hey Liza! My mom was telling me about your freezer meal night... sounds awesome!!! You'll have to let me know how they cook up? I would love to start something like that down here.

Sorry I didn't make it to the mini girlfriend reunion. My heart was there! I would have loved to have seen everyone again. Who knew 2 hours was such a long way to travel?!

Toni said...

That pic of dad and the kids is TOO precious! Made me miss you guys. I didn't know you guys had an xbox 360! We'll all have to go live sometime and play (but we don't have lego star wars, so maybe another game.)