Monday, October 06, 2008


Yesterday I participated in Race for the Cure in Denver. Amazing, awesome, a truly moving experience. My friend Heather who I met at the beginning of the summer and who is currently under going chemotherapy decided last week that she wanted to go down with me. What a strong lady. I was feeling so crappy during treatment that it didn't even cross my mind to try and participate in the race. I "slept in for the cure" the last 2 years. Which is just registering but not actually participating in the race. They just mail you a shirt. I was so excited when she called and wanted to participate with me. Since neither of us had participated we had no idea what to expect.
She picked me up about 6am and we drove down to the outskirts of Denver and parked her car and rode the transit bus into the city since traffic was a nightmare. I really enjoyed just being able to visit and get to know her better during the whole day. What a great experience not only for the race but just being able to strengthen our friendship. We had registered for the co-ed walk which started at 8:30 and the women's race started at 7am. While on the bus into the city we went under the overpass as the women's racers were starting. I was astounded at the sheer volume of people that were participating. We hiked over to the Pepsi Center where the race was and had some time to walk around in the survivor area. We scored some free stuff and they made us these really fun buttons. I have a picture of it on my slide show above. We were both cracking up because when we sat down I told her I felt like we were "partners" if you know what I mean and maybe next year we should come in wedding veils. Ha! I think that the 2 of us were joking around and laughing for a big part of the morning.

We started our race at 8:30 although we were a ways away from the actual starting line and it took at least 10 min to get to the starting line after they let us start. It was a 5K and I think we walked it in about an hour and a half. Heather and I had a blast just taking it all in. Seeing all the signs telling why everyone was walking, laughing at all the funny costumes, laughing at each other and just having awesome conversation the whole time. I must say that the actual walk kicked my butt. I am so sore today that I can barely move, but it was well worth it.

I cannot even put into words the overwhelming feelings that I experienced. Being one in 62,000 people attending either the biggest or 2nd biggest race in the country, I just felt so lucky to have all those people there racing for a cure. For research dollars. For me and every other woman ever diagnosed with breast cancer. Wow. I hope that in my life time we will see a cure for not only breast cancer but all types of cancer. It brought such mixed emotions when going to write my back sign. I thought, gol. It really sucks when I know so many women, some survivors, some still fighting, and some that have lost their battle with cancer that I don't have enough space to write them all down on this piece of paper. How do you sum it up? Stupid, dumb cancer. Although I am extremely grateful for all of these relationships with these women, the basis of the relationship sucks.

When we were finished with the race Heather and I took a bit of a siesta and just parked it on the asphalt while we ate our free snacks from safeway. Chips, granola bar, package of green chili......seriously they donated a single serve packet of green chili. mmm-k. It was random. But we got a good laugh out of it. For the survivor ceremony they had all the survivors come up on the stage and sit in the grand stands. We walked up through military personnel and their swords. It was pretty neat. Heather and I were walking up to the stands and she started crying and immediately this obnoxious reported got right up in her face with his camera. Annoying. In the stands I sat in front of a gal that ended up introducing herself to me as someone I had talked to when I was doing chemo. She was a friend of a friend and had been following my blog as she had recently finished her treatment. I was so glad she stopped me because I had never met her. I hope to get in touch with her at some point. That network of survivors, I tell ya, always looking out for their own!

After the closing ceremony we met up with Ady, Kristen, Jodie, and Anne. I had talked to Ady through myspace as she is mutual friends with a few of my friends so it was nice to finally meet her. We all decided we would have to start a team for next year and do all the fun costumes and come down together. We decided to go out to eat and Noodles before coming back home. It was so fun to get to know these gals better, they are a riot and I hope to hang out with them again sometime soon.

By the time we finally made it back to Heather's car it was about 1 and then we didn't get back home until a little after 2. I think Heather and I were both ready to just crash. We had be walking around all morning, and I haven't been up that early in a long time! Thanks to Jon he had the kids taken care of all day and even made dinner on Sunday night. I was able to just lounge around the whole rest of the day. Thanks babe, you're the best.

Today I am wishing my legs would just fall out of my hip joint. I thought I would be sore in my thighs and calves but no, I feel like my hips are going to fall apart. I wonder what that is all about, besides the fact I am terribly out of shape :-) Yikes I better start walking around more before our trip to Disneyland in 2 weeks. We will be walking around for a week straight. Maybe I can get one of those rascal scooters, huh? Ha! If anyone has any good tips for us for our trip PLEASE pass them on. We have never even flown with the kids so this is going to be quite the experience. Does anyone know if the booster seats (for the car) count as a checked bag?


Kelly Schelske said...

I know exactly how you feel Eliza!! I did a 5km walk last weekened with my sisters for Light The Night which benefits Leukemia and other blood related cancers. MY MIL battle leukemia for over 10 years, so we were walking in her honeor.

Anyway, the next day, same thing, I thought my calves and gluts would be sore...nope not at all, it felt like my hip joints were going to fall apart!!

So glad you had a wonferful day:-) Kelly

Toni said...

Not sure about the booster seats, I was able to gate check Jack's car seat and stroller the last time I flew. One tip for Disneyland... have you ever heard of a Camelbak? My friend took one of those with her when she and her husband went to Disney World, and they said it was the best thing they did. I have one if you want me to mail it to you.

That's great you were able to participate in the Race for the Cure. I remember having those same thoughts when I did that race this summer, about how many people's lives have been poisoned by this disease. AWFUL! I sure hope they find a cure sooner rather than later.

AJ said...

Sounds like the race was awesome! Good for you and Heather!

If you check the seat, yes it is considered 1 of the 2 items for each person. However, you can gate check the carseat & stroller with no problem, other than lugging them through the terminals to your gate. (Gate check means take them all the way to the gate with you). When we went to DL in May, we did too much on the first day and then paid for it all week. It sounds like you have hopper passes, so take your time, rest often. You're going at the best time of year, so you really won't need the FASTPASSES (which are free and we didn't figure out until day 2). Go home and take naps in the middle of the day and then go back. Naps are good for you and good for the kiddos. Have a blast and tell the princesses "Hi" from Laney!

The Miners said...

Hey girl, just thought I would let you know my experience with car seats. It depends on the airline. Some count it as a bag, and some don't, I would call before you travel, but I have never been charged for the car seats!

mickeydee said...

It sounds like a wonderful, and inspiring, and emotional day.
As for Disneyland,(we were there on Saturday), wear comfortable shoes and takes lots of money! LOL

Spaces of Gray said...

What a day we had! Thanks so much for inviting me to come and for being such great company. You are so funny, and so easy to be around. It is definitely an experience we'll have to repeat in years to come. You're such a strong, vibrant survivor. I'm honored to be your friend.

Love you,