Thursday, October 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9

Hey ladies here is our buddy check nine message for this month. Remember to do your monthly self exam and go in and be seen for ANYTHING abnormal. Better to be safe than sorry!!

Hello Everyone!

What a day. What a race. What a crowd. For 16 years now men, women and children have come together on a Sunday morning to show their commitment to finding a cure for breast cancer. Every day, important steps are taken in research, treatment and education. These steps are best understood with the image we will hold in our memories of hundreds of women and men with pink hats crossing the finish line.

They are our sisters, friends, mothers, grandmothers, neighbors, fathers, sons and daughters. They are our inspiration and strength to keep walking and running for this goal. This is a movement that cannot be stopped or silenced. Every day more people join this battle. In Colorado, the statistics show 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. If the cancer is in an early stage, it is very treatable. While no one can change the diagnosis statistics, we can help with early detection. Please get a mammogram and please do regular self exams. Today is Buddy Check 9 day. We ask you to do a self exam and tell someone else to do the same.

Join us and keep the faith!

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Toni said...

Today is our anniversary... what a good day to have a buddy give 'em a squeeze, eh? ;)
Love ya!