Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girls Gone Mild #3 - Ceramics Style

***Plagiarism-shizzum warning***** Since Alyssa already did an awesome recap of our event this Friday I am going to just copy her too perfect synopsis of the evening, here it goes:

This past Friday (10/3/08) was our 3rd Girls Night Out (GNO). We decided to switch it up a bit from our previous activities that have left us rather sore the next day (roller skating, dancing, bowling) and we went to a ceramics studio and dinner We had a great time. Here we are getting our paint on.
After our ceramics extravaganza, we cruised the King Sooper parking lot at negative 2 miles an hour - no joke - thank you Aislinn and then headed out to dinner at Rock Bottom. Most of us had never been there before and we were all really happy with how nice it was.Here is Kari, Michelle and Eliza in the backseat of Ais's car. I have no idea what they could possibly be laughing at. (FYI - Eliza always cries when she laughs - we really don't "make" her cry on purpose.) hee hee

Here are Kari and Eliza throwing some hard core Vampire 4 Life signs.

Too bad thought your Vampires ain't got nothing on our Werewolf's 4 Life!!!!

Had another GRRRRREAT evening with the best gals in town!!! Very much looking forward to our next GNO on 11/21/08 Twlight premier ladies - hoooollllaaaa!!! Can't wait!

Thanks for letting me straight copy this from you Alyssa!


AJ said...

What is better than girls night??? Looks like you had a blast!

Toni said...

You guys are definitely wild! Looks straight crazy!