Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer of the Broken Arms

This summer we experienced our first broken bones. Alex fell off her scooter and broke her right arm. Technically "bent" up the bones close to the wrist. Jon was put on urgent care duty since he arrived home right when the accident happened. Alex was wearing flip flops when she was riding her scooter and Jon has always hated the kids wearing them because they trip over them. While at the urgent care he said that she went in to take her X Ray and then on the way out tripped over the flip flops, again. ugh. She went right back in and took another X Ray. Luckily, no more harm done and Dad continues to hate the flip flops. :-)
Here's miss Ali-cat in bed with her arm all wrapped up.

Alex kept her cast on for 5 weeks through the summer. The day she got her cast taken off, Cody was over playing at the park across the street and fell off of the monkey bars. I couldn't believe it!! What are the chances of that happening on the same day?! This time I was put on urgent care duty. We had gone to swimming lessons that morning and then gone swimming again for most of the afternoon, so the kids were exhausted. When we got to the urgent care they gave Cody's a few suckers.

The poor kid actually fell asleep while we were waiting to see the doctor he was so tired.

When we went to get his arm X Rayed his elbow was as big as his shoulder.

We aren't really sure why his elbow was so swollen because he didn't break anything up there. The doc said he probably just busied it and knocked it really well. He ended up breaking his radius down by his wrist. He has a cast up to his underarm for 2 weeks and then they put on a new cast that was only up to his elbow. When we went to get Cody's cast off a few weeks ago Cody's arm was peeling and brown from having that cast on his arm for so long. When we got back in the car to go home Cody was inspecting his arm and we had this conversation.

Cody: Mom?

Me: What's up Buddy?

Cody: (with concern in his voice) Do you think you could still love me if my arm stayed brown forever?

Me: Son, I would love you no matter what you looked like.

I was cracking up! What a character. Sometimes the things that come out of their mouths just floors me. The kids have officially been put on notice that nobody is allowed to break anymore bones.....ever. We will see how that works out.

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Toni said...

I wonder why he has a complex about you loving him... how funny!