Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My sister Amy visited for 3 weeks this summer

My sister Amy came to visit with her kids this summer while her husband, Trevor, was in India for work. Trevor came out and stayed the last week they were here. While he was her we went to hermit park and stayed in cabins for the weekend. The kids all had a great time. Cody and Alex have started this fascination with the camera and taking picture of themselves. These are 2 of the many. They crack me up! Especially Cody....nice glamour shot baby!

There was a big mountain that we climbed up with the kids one afternoon. The kids couldn't get enough of the big rocks and climbing all over them. Here is Cody and I at the top and the group of us during the climb.

We also spent one morning at Rocky Mountain National park. We took the kids on a simple hike by some small falls. It was beautiful.

We also did lots of swimming and playing outside including spending a day at water world, going to the splash park and the pool.
As always, good times Amer. We love you and wish you were closer!!


Denver Sims said...

Okay, those pics that they took of themselves are precious! =] Cuties!

Love and miss you!

Toni said...

You must be really busy lately! I miss your blog entries...

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