Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Time

I love Christmas time. The music, the excitement, family, and the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

Truly the most wonderful time of the year....

We were able to celebrate with extended family for the last few weeks. Jon's uncle John and aunt Clara came up a few weekends ago and the kids were able to go to their hotel and swim during the evening, which they love

We had a fun family night on Monday. The kids helped us get some holiday treats ready for friends and neighbors. They are expert chocolate pretzel makers now. And look at these beauties! Yummy!

On Christmas Eve my Brother-in-law, Doug and nephew, Jack came over and went sledding with the kids and Jon on the four wheelers. I love it when it snows enough to cover the streets and sled on the street. Everyone had a blast!

On Christmas Eve we spent the afternoon and evening with Jon's parents. The kids had picked some things out for Jon and I with grandma and grandpa Brock that we opened. They were all really excited to give us their presents. It was cute and Jon and I both made some awesome faces for those pictures.

The kids were excited about their toys from Grandma and Grandpa Brock.

Christmas day Olivia and Cody were up in our bedroom at 4:45am.  I told them they had to go back to bed for at least 45 min and so they crawled into bed with Jon and I and finally went back to sleep until 6:30.  Of course I didn't go back to sleep with Cody jabbing me in the side every 2 seconds.  I couldn't believe they were up that early. 

We went to my parent's house for the rest of the day to hang out. (If I could only get Cody to stop making the "picture" face) 

We also were able to meet my new niece Brea Kate.  What a cutie!

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mickeydee said...

It looks like everyone had wonderful Christmas! Watching kids open Christmas gifts is the best ever! (even when they get up at the butt crack of dawn).