Monday, October 05, 2009

Summer camping at the Dunes

This is the first year we have actually camped at the dunes. We have gone there on the ATVs to ride for a bit but never stayed there. We went with our friends Sherri and Joe and their girls and also took along our "adopted" daughter Haylee. She lives down the street and is Olivia's best friend. As you can see all the kids were exhausted on the way down and they all passed out. Look how uncomfortable Cody looks....How can he sleep like that?
Here are some snapshots of our wheeling over the weekend.

On our first ride we found this really cool and really old house and took some fun pictures. Here we all are at the old house. I think I will make some black and white copies and frame them, whatcha think?
At the fire at night they introduced us not so crazy partiers to Sobe bombs. These are Sobe bottles with a hole drilled in the lid and full of gasoline. When you put them in the fire and they get hot enough a spout of fire shoots out the top for about 60 seconds and then the lid blows off the top creating a big mushroom cloud. Surprisingly there isn't a big boom at the end, just the cloud of smoke and fire. Probably not the safest thing in the world, so it was a good thing the kids were asleep in the camper for that part.
Thanks for the fun weekend Sherri and Joe!!


vwbabe said...

Looks like fun. The Sobe bombs sounds like something Tagan's family would do! Those pictures were way cute.

Eliza Brock said...

I was pretty cool to see although kinda dumb. Hope you are doing well Jen!