Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Playing Catch up

Since my computer has been out of commission since right after the last time I posted I haven't had pictures to update the blog. First though, buddy check 9 day day was missed so don't forget to do that self breast exam!
The twins went on a field trip to the farm in May with their preschool group and had a great time. Personally I thought it was pretty lame as far as farms go but they enjoyed it so I suppose that's what counts. :-) There is a really cool place called Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point in Utah by my sister that we have been to a few times that really puts the one here to shame so check it out next time you are around Salt Lake.
They also did their preschool graduation party. Cody was peeved at me because we made him where his church clothes so he only participated in half the festivites after I finally convinced him he was "totally missing out".

Here they are with their graduation certificates and their preschool teacher Mrs. Karen. Yeah they made it through the year!

We also went to help Grandma and Grandpa Mondy plant their garden. The kids LOVE doing this. Jon, the kids, and I all helped plant and it was a fun afternoon. Hopefully we will get to enjoy the delicious fruits of our labor in a few months.

My brother even found a snake that the kids were all excited about and they all took turns holding. Snakes, yuck!

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