Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Highlights

For spring break the kids and I loaded in the car and drove to Utah to see my sister. Jon was not able to come at the last minute due to work and so my Dad drove out with us. We had a great time visiting. Jack and Cody helped grandpa fix some of Toni's chairs. I love Cody's face in this picture.
Olivia and Jack became fast friends while sharing whip cream.Toni has a Smith's grocery store pretty close to her house that became a daily activity for us due to these child size shopping carts....the greatest invention of all time! You mean I can grocery shop while my kids entertain themselves and I don't even have to push around my heavy groceries....the kids fight about who gets to do all the manual that!

Amy and her family came to Toni's house on Wednesday because Trevor had a BYU reunion to go to over the weekend. When they got there we found this cool park that the kids loved. I think it was called Discovery Park.Then Toni and I took this super terrific self portrait....those are always the coolest.

Then we turned the camera over to the 4 year old, Alex. What a photographer!

I like how this one's focus is on Toni's belly and my rack. Ha!

On Thursday we went down to Provo with Amy's family and hung out at BYU. We took the kids bowling. My kids have never been bowling and they had a great time.

On Friday we went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids thought it was pretty cool and they had some interactive exhibits playing with sand and digging for fossils.

Yeah, we are about to get eaten by a shark!!

The lovely host family,talk about a change from the day it is just the three of you and the next day you have 3 extra adults and 6 extra kids. Yikes!

Thanks for having us Toni we loved being able to spend time with you guys and play. Amy, great to see you guys as always. I wish we all lived closer together.

Toni and Jack drove home with us and stayed with my parents through the next week. One day she was here we went to see my grandma who the kids call grandma great.


Clymer Fam said...

Looks like lots of fun! See if you can have any fun without the kids next time. It'll be hard but you'll figure it out haha!

Toni said...

Jack looks like he's giving you the death look in that first picture! What a nut. Cody's face was pretty awesome.

Nice rack! Too bad my face looks fat in just about every picture. I guess pregnancy does that to you. Your kids are so cute! I had fun with you guys while you were here. Fun to see the pics!

mickeydee said...

It looks like everyone had a blast! Love all the sweet pics of the kids. What a fun trip.