Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snow Day

A few weeks ago we had a big blizzard here and they ended up cancelling school. Jon was able to take the kids sledding behind the four wheeler. They had a great time!

Here are some action shots:

This is where Daisy spent her "snow day". Gotta love the heater!

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Denver Sims said...

Awesome! =] Gotta love a snow day.

So, I've been waiting to sign up for relay until Pete and I figured out our plans for that weekend. That's the same weekend that Les passed away, and the guys go over to Utah for a memorial thingy. Anyway, I think we've figured out our plan, so I can sign up!

As far as fundraisers, let me know what you decide and I'll do my best to make it up to Loveland for it!

Love and miss you, hope you're doing GREAT!!