Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Oct 22nd

I am glad today is almost over. It started early, my friend Abbey had her baby boy Christian Powell last night at McKee here in town and they had to take the baby up to Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins because he wasn't breathing well enough. I got up and went to hang out with Abbey this morning at 7 and have had a headache since the moment I woke up. Good news is that baby and mom are both looking much better this evening. I have been taking my anti nausea meds all day and they seem to be keeping things mostly under control, which is good. They just make me tired, but I guess I would rather be tired than vomiting. I was feeling well enough to go to church though so that was nice. There was a really beautiful musical number performed, Be Still my soul. I just love hearing music at church and singing the hymns. It is great soul-food. It is a bummer to not be able to sit all the way through my church meetings but it is nice to be able to go to the first part every once in awhile.
My neighbor Cindy also brought be some pretty ribbon to hang up all the hand stamped cards I have been getting, but by the time I hung up over 30 cards you could barely see the ribbon. They are hung over my bathroom mirror.

I know they will always brighten my day when I get up and look at the sea of pink well wishes above my mirror every morning!


Amanda & Matthew said...

Hey sweetie! I really must tell you how inspiring you are! I read your blog daily, and you remind me so much of my husband - you are so positive.... and what a way to be! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone, again you are an inspiration!

amanda Anderson

jna4sander said...

Hey babe- Send Abbey my best, hope all is well with her. I love the cards! As always your strength and opptimisim overwhelm me, Mike's Grandparents send their best, The T-shirts I got for you are backordered so hopefully I'll get them soon.
LYLAS (lol remember that from like, middle school??)

Cindy said...

Hi Eliza, I just want to give you a thumbs up! YOu are doing great. It is very hard to stay positive, but you definitely sound like you are giving it your all. I know about you thru your lovely neighbor, Cindy. She has been so uplifting for my family and me thru some struggles we had over the summer. When you see her could you give her a hug and say thanks from "cydstamps". Take care! I will be checking in to see your wonderful progress to a healthy, vibrant you!

Cindy said...

I have been inspired by you. I know for having family members with breast cancer that it is an uphill road, but positive attitude makes the difference.

I am a stamper, and your neighbor Cindy was very good about being there for me and my family this summer. I know she will be there for you (and has been there).

Take care!

Renee said...

If I could crawl through this computer and give you a big 'ole hug, I would. Instead I'll have to give you a big cyber hug instead... ((((HUGS))))
Please know that there are many of us who are praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts. We care...
Renee V.
aka: happystamper05 on SCS