Monday, October 09, 2006

Mon Oct 9th

Hey Ladies! It is buddy check 9 day. Be sure to do your monthly self exam today or tomorrow. I heard the race for the cure here in Denver set the record for the 3 year in a row for the largest race in the country raising more than 3 million dollars. I did the sleep in for the cure since I wasn't allowed to be out in the crowds but I heard it was an awesome experience. I put a link on the side bar to the 9 news story, it was a good one. You can just click on the picture on the story that looks like a video camera to see the actual story on the news if you have high speed internet. I would love to hear about it from anyone that participated. Email me!!
My twins club this month is having a speaker come from Susan G. Kolman for our general meeting. It will be held on Monday October 16th at 7pm at Mountain Veiw Presbyterian Church. The church is about 2 blocks south of 29th street on Garfield in Loveland. If anyone is interested in coming they are opening the meeting up to the community and feel free to contact me.

It's funny how many people stop and stare and point at you when your bald. I am starting to get used to it and point back or wave. My usual smarty pants attitude I suppose. I have mostly just been out without hats or scarves on because my head is still really itchy and it is just uncomfortable to have something else on it. I guess it just is what it is. I think it is just hard because it is the realization that I am sick, that there is something wrong with me, and that I still have a long road ahead of me. And I think it is the same for my friends and family too, that see me like this. No matter how good of an attitude I have it is still there and it is a crappy reminder every day.
Sunday was still my hard day again. The nausea wasn't too bad yesterday but I had really bad heartburn which isn't any better. Just a sharp pain in my chest all afternoon. Otherwise just still pretty low on energy. The oncologist recommended all of us getting the flu shots done so I will be trying to take me and kids in to get those this week sometime. Jon is back to working nights and is working in Laramie to boot so the company got him a hotel room up there for the week. With the weather and all I feel much better about him staying up there and not driving 287 in the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully my kids will be on their best behavior for me for the week, otherwise we are in for a long week.
Don't forget that it is buddy check 9 day!!


Bev said...

Hi Eliza,

I am speaking for Andrew on this comment.
You know that his looks are different and he has had his share of "stares". He would tell you to wear a shirt with a saying on it. (his are usually black and have someting on them that make you think or laugh) Trust me he does it all the time!! He says he might as well give them something to stare at! No smarty pants attitude there!

As always you are in our prayers
Love Bev and family

angela curran said...
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angela curran said...

The race for the cure was so much fun again this year. We did take some pictures and I think that Kisha is going to try to down load them so you can see. We saved our race bibs saying that we walked in your honor and i will give you those when I see you. Just think next year you can walk with us in a survivor shirt.It sounds like your treatments are working so hang in there.Thinking and praying for you. Love Always.


Pat said...

Hi, Eliza

As a parent of a Breast Cancer survivor I can relate to you and the the trauma of everything that is happening to you. The most important thing to remember is to always be positive no matter how down you feel. I know that I had to let my daughter know this contiously during her treatment and even now after 2 years.
I think of you often and the things that are happening to you. It will take a lot of energy and positive thinking on your part. You are a strong person.

You are in my prayers and thoughts.
Love, Pat