Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Oh-So-Fun Easter Pictures

Part of Easter for my kids is the excitement of their 'Easter Outfits'. Okay, I retract that statement. That is just purely my excitement as a mother wanting to dress her precious, cute kids up in matching outfits and torment them into taking multiple pictures....which of course they hate.

This year on Easter Sunday my church had General Conference. For General Conference we get to listen to the general authorities of our church speak and it is broadcast on TV so we did not attend regular church meetings on Easter. So we all wore our Easter outfits the Sunday before while we were in Sacramento visiting my sister. My sister's church building is on the same property as the Sacramento Temple and we were excited to take some lovely pictures of the kids on the temple property. After church all 9 of us(the kids and I and Amy's family)headed over to the temple grounds. After telling the kids 192,877,487, 897 times not to run I saw Alex out of the corner of my eye, trip and smack her head hard on the concrete. Let the fun begin. Poor little girl smacked it hard, too. After some kisses and hugs I thought we might be back on track. At least Olivia was ready for the photo session.
Okay, no lets try and add in the other two. Here's where the fun gets more fun.

Here is where Olivia sees a bee and then starts crying while Alex is still trying to find it and Cody thinks it is too bright.

Here is where both girls are mad because I making them sit 7.2 feet away from a bee minding his own business. Apparently it is still too sunny for Cody even thought it is overcast and they are facing away from the sun.

Here is Olivia still mad and now I am trying to talk Cody into putting his hands in his lap and actually opening his eyes.

Okay.  Cody, can you please just smile and look at the camera at least, even if you can't stop messing with the tie? Olivia, maybe a little smile and forget about the bee?  Alex, mom understands you just bonked your head, your a trooper sista!  ....Please can mom just get one decent picture?

Whatever, forget it.  Let's just add mom in and get a group shot.
Maybe everyone could open their eyes?  Cody, hands in the lap man.
I guess this is as good as we get.... But aren't those outfits cute?
  The fun just continued on the way to the car when Alex let me know she needed a Kleenex.  Of course I just had used the last Kleenex cleaning the tears up from the head trauma that happened 5 min earlier.  I tried to just start walking to the car to get one from there when she turned to me with her mouth closed as a stream of snot was running into her mouth.  Next thing I know she was in a full on melt down, without noise of course, as her mouth was closed to prevent the snot running into it.  Arms flailing, screaming without opening her mouth, jumping around.  The whole 9.  The car was far enough away I couldn't leave her there and come back so when I tried to pick her up she ran away from me and got down on her hands and knees and started spitting on the sidewalk.  What's a mom to do but throw her hands up in the air and have a good laugh.  Here's to better pictures next year!


Lydia Moon said...

Oh, thank you for sharing this! I had a nice laugh. I've been in very similar situations with my kids too. Last year they were really mad about me trying to take their pictures for Easter. This year, I completely forgot. There's always next week . . . .

Eliza Brock said...

seriously,huh Lydia!! I just never seem to get them all in a good pose. Oh well, I guess all you can do is smile and laugh. Congrats on expecting another set of twins!

mickeydee said...

These pics made my day! So hilarious! These are the real pictures, not the fake, posed, photography studio type, these are actual, realistic pictures of what our days as a mom are really like! Love it! These are precious.

Sumtoy said...

These are so wonderful. I feel like I have watched these kids go from babies to young ladies and a young man...How come as they grow, I get older. You are looking marvelous...simply marvelous darlin'

Toni said...

I was wondering what all the drama was in the pics. I was laughing out loud when I was reading this post. I can see a re-enactment in my head clearly. I just love your kids! Sorry the pictures didn't turn out as you'd hoped, though.

Eliza Brock said...

totally funny, though huh Toner! It is worth the story of it all. Amy reminded me too after she read the post that I was laughing so hard at Alex during this whole on the ground spitting the boogers out of her mouth non-sense that I almost peed myself. IT was just too funny at that point!