Saturday, September 09, 2006

New family Pictures

We went in and took the kids pictures and family pictures on Monday. We haven't had the kids pictures taken for awhile and wanted to take family pictures before I lost my hair, so here they are. We went to a place that does amazing things, when you have kids at least. They will crop their "heads" off of other pictures where they are making good faces and put them on pictures where their bodies look okay. So worth the money!!


Michelle said...

The pics are all so cute. And I LOVE the new family pictures. I just want to know where you went. I know a good photographer, but he lives too far away to get pictures done often enough. I also checked out the pics of your new hair do. It looks great!!

Sunny said...

Hi Eliza,
Heather told me about your breast cancer and my heart just goes out to you, Jon and your 3 beautiful children! You have been in our prayers and will continue to be. I pray that you remain strong through all of your treatments and strong for your family! Your story has made me hug my girls over and over again. I think you are beautiful person on the inside and out. I do love your new sassy haircut and your beautiful smile that is on your face. I will continue to read your updates and will be here if you ever need anything!
With all of our love and prayers to you!
Sunny Tartaglia